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I’m a doctor by day, and a mom all the time. 

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Despite knowing better, I’m like every mom who puts her needs second to those of her babies. Childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum care take an enormous toll on our biochemistry, neurotransmitters, nutrient stores and hormones – we need nourishment for two (or more!) but in fact end up getting less-than-optimal nutrition, sleep and self-care.


While I can’t place every mama in a palace and swaddle her in care, I can apply my training and experience to help her maternal body be its very best. Mama Love Nutrition packs are easy-to-take and body-primed to help busy moms feel more balanced and healthy from day one through day one-thousand. 


The AM pack contains a blend of nutrients designed to boost your energy, fight fatigue and feed your body at a cellular level – and your baby’s if you’re breastfeeding!


The PM pack combines sleep-supporting magnesium with brain-building omega 3s plus supplemental vitamins to help recovery while you (both!) get a good night’s sleep.


And Mamalove Nutrition meets my super-high standards as a Naturopathic Doctor, Health Practitioner and picky mom.

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