designed by a doctor and mom   

Mama Wellness Packs are designed to get you the nutritional support you need,

delivered in convenient AM and PM packs, so you can better care for your new baby.

When I had my son, I had such a hard time dealing with the exhaustion, brain fog, and emotional swings that come with an active baby and constant sleep deprivation. I realized there wasn’t many options available for new moms who need support. Using my background as a Naturopathic Doctor, I created Mama Wellness Packs, a line of supplements that help new moms combat the effects of caring for a baby postpartum. I’m excited to now offer them to other moms in need. - Dr. Jessica Hayman


there, we said it.

There is so much excitement surrounding the birth of a new baby that often no one mentions how hard it can be to deal with the long hours, lack of sleep, physical and emotional toll of caring for your little one 24/7. We want the very best for our babies, and it’s easy to ignore how overwhelmed and exhausted we feel when we’re focused on our little one. Unfortunately, these effects can build up over time.

Mama Love is here to help!



 Mama Love Wellness Packs are carefully sourced, highest quality supplements

that are designed to work together to: 

  • Help promote better sleep

  • Boost energy levels 

  • Support healthy brain function 

  • Replenish depleted nutritional stores in the body


MamaLove Nutrition knows that birth, and caring for a baby, takes a toll on mom. Inspired by the experience of becoming a mama, backed by the experience of being a doctor, Dr. Jessica Hayman created MamaLove to nourish mamas for the daily demands of motherhood. Specifically formulated to help replenish and rebalance a mom’s biochemistry, delivered in easy-to-take, easy-to-remember supplement form, every supplement is safe for breastfeeding moms, and gentle on adult and baby tummies. The world needs healthy moms: we contribute by helping moms feel better from day one.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.​




Deanna and June

Las Vegas, NV 

Mama Love helped me recover and get on the road to living life."


I'm a mom of two kiddos born 18 months apart. After giving birth to my first I was constantly tired and moody. I got the Mama Wellness Pack and started taking it the day June was born. I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt, compared to my horrific first postpartum experience with my son Ford. After having June, everything seemed to flow much better—my energy was surprisingly good, and I didn't feel the emotional dip that I experienced with Ford. Mama Love helped me recover and get on the road to living life with two energetic, high demand kiddos!

natural remedy for postpartum depression


AM Pack 

3 Mama Multi-Nutrient

1 Mito Boost

1 B-Energy

PM Pack

2 Mega Magnesium

2 OmegaSorb

w/ D3, K1, K2

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Mama Love Nutrition was established in 2010 with a mission in mind: to bring a real, high quality supplement  to Mamas. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us in the beginning and it continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves in helping moms across America.  New and repeat moms come back to Mama Love Nutrition because they know what they’re looking when it comes to the right supplements to help them get back on track after a baby. Of course eating right and light exercise is important, but Mama Love Nutrition Supplements will help you replace any nutrients your baby might have taken or is taken from you as you breastfeed. 



What is counseling?

Counseling (also known as therapy) is “talk therapy”, an approach to psychotherapy that involves no use of therapeutic drugs, and is focused on establishing a high level of collaboration between a professional counselor/ therapist and yourself. The collaboration aims at addressing your immediate psychological needs, as well as examining and correcting erroneous self-held beliefs, negative thought patters, and harmful relationship patterns that are distressing you or causing problems in one of the major areas of life (Home, work, and school). Click here to learn 8 ways you can benefit from therapy today.

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is exactly as it sounds. It is an evidence-based method that involves a certified professional relationship counselor guiding you and your partner to get the most out of your partnership and to resolve conflict and discord. Sometimes referred to as couples therapy or relationship counseling, it uses psychotherapy, which opens up the avenues in communication, intimacy, comfort and understanding in a marriage, enabling both partners to improve and strengthen their bond.

What is the difference between a counselor and a psychiatrist?

Many get confused about the difference between a counselor and a psychiatrist. The main difference is that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained in counseling. As such, they see your concerns through a medical model lens, which stipulates that concerns stem from a biological problem, and thus the solution is to administer medicine to correct the imbalance. In contrast, Counselors and psychotherapists view you from a “strength-based approach”, where we collaborate with you to discover the resilience and strength you have, and leverage that to empower you to effectively address your challenges. At Naya Clinics our approach to therapy draws from the humanistic school of psychotherapy and the existential school of psychotherapy to create our own unique approach Positive Existential Therapy PET developed by our founder Sam Nabil

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who helps you understand what your personal goals are and assists you to create a plan to achieve those goals. Life coaches do this by providing you with Life coaching service. This could be either a short-term or a long-term, but it typically involves an action-based plan of action. A life coach is not always a healthcare provider or a medical professional, though some life coaches go through training programs and unofficial certifications. At Naya Clinics, all our life coaches are ALSO licensed therapists, giving you the best of both worlds.

How can I book an appointment for therapy near me?

If you are a new counseling client and would like to book a marriage counseling, therapy or life coaching appointment near you, please follow the available appointments link below, chose the name of your preferred marriage counselor, therapist or life coach from the providers drop down menu. After that, pick a counseling location near you from the location drop down menu to see the availability there. You can then request the appointment that works best for you directly online and we will confirm it as soon as we can. For counseling appointments near you in the Cincinnati Ohio, Hyde Park Ohio, Blue Ash Ohio, West Chester Ohio or Florence and Northern KY areas follow this link https://samnabilcounseling.clientsecure.me

How much is your fee?

We use a sliding scale in the practice to determine the counseling fee based of the combined annual income of the household (your income plus the income of your significant other). When you request an appointment with our therapists or coaches using our online portal, our secure and HIPPA compliant client portal will automatically send you a full intake packet with all the information you will need including the sliding scale, as well as the information you will need to fill out before your first appointment with your counselor, therapist or coach. Your information is only to secure your appointment, and you can go back to the portal at any time – until 48 hours before- to cancel your therapy appointment at no charge. For your convenience, we have 4 different pricing options for our clients to suit every need and budget.

  1. Our clinical counseling interns see clients for 70$/ individual session and 90$ for couples’ and marriage counseling sessions.
  2. Our Licensed counselors’ fees are on a sliding scale starting 120$/session for counseling and coaching sessions, and 140$ for couples’ counseling and marriage counseling sessions
  3. Our Chief clinical counseling officer (Carla Seemann) fees are on a sliding scale starting 160$/session for individual therapy and life coaching, and 180$ for relationship therapy and marriage therapy sessions
  4. Sam Nabil’s fees are on a sliding scale starting 220$ for individual therapy and executive life coaching, and 250$ for Relationship therapy, Couples’ counseling and marital counseling
* Please note that the sliding scale fees quoted above are the entry point on the scale. Your fees may be different than what is quoted above. ** Please note that not all therapists are available in all locations.

Do you accept insurance?

We provide all clients with receipts and or super bills to file with their insurance companies for our Relationship Counseling, Family Counseling and Individual Counseling Services. Life Coaching Services are typically not billable by most insurance providers. Most of our clients who chose to file an out of network claim for our services get reimbursed a substantial portion of our fee by their insurance. We do not work with insurance directly. WHY ARE YOUR SERVICES OUT OF NETWORK? Working with insurance in most cases means we must diagnose you with a mental health illness. Most of the clients we see do not have a mental health illness and are rather dealing with stress or a curve ball that life threw their way in their relationships or at work. We therefore find it very counterproductive that insurance companies would require us to provide a mental health diagnosis. This is especially troubling because your diagnosis would stay on your medical record for ever. Insurance companies also often insist on establishing time limits for counseling in most cases. We believe a diagnosis and how much you want to stay in marriage counseling or therapy should be your choice, and not the choice of your insurance company. We have therefore chosen to operate out of network and leave you with the choice. You can apply for out of network reimbursements or chose to keep your work with us private

How do I get insurance reimbursement for your therapy services?

When you have made your out of pocket payment to us, you will automatically receive a bill/invoice in your email. For easy and convenient reimbursement for your out of network insurance claim, we recommend you use the getbetter app on your phone. https://getbetter.com/

Which locations are available for me to choose from?

My colleagues and myself practice out of 5 different locations in the Cincinnati area and suburbs as well as Northern Kentucky. We also operate out of 4 locations in the Denver Colorado area. In most cases, our clients are never more than a 10 t0 15 minutes drive away from one of our locations. In Ohio · Blue Ash Ohio · Downtown Cincinnati · Hyde Park Ohio · West Chester Ohio · Florence, NKY In Denver Colorado · Lodo/ Downtown Denver · Cherry Creek Colorado · Aurora Colorado · Boulder Colorado Coming Soon · Columbus Ohio · Indianapolis Indiana Also you can always work with us online from wherever you may be.

Why is my location not available in the drop down menu?

If a location(s) is not available from the drop down menu, this means we are fully booked at this location. Please pick your next preferred location or consider our online therapy options. You can also email us and we can try to fit you in your preferred location if a spot opens up.

I get an automated response when I email you. Is there a way to reach you directly?

If you do not find answers to your questions in the FAQ section or would like to reach us directly for another reason, please email us at info@NayaClinics.com and a team member will get back to you as soon as we can.

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